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Reading at Kennall Vale School

Classroom libraries:
We are so lucky that every classroom has its own library! The books are tailored to the children in the classroom and are regularly updated by our ELS boxes!
Non-fiction libraries:
Throughout the corridors, we have special subject libraries - these hold our non-fiction books.
Fiction library:
Our school library holds lots of fiction books and is a lovely, calm space to enjoy a book. Can you spot our reading throne?


-            Children read due to a love of reading

-            Children read with fluency, confidence and have a good understanding of what they’re reading

-            Every day, teachers read inspiring, exciting books from our fiction and science spines

-            Children leave Kennall Vale school at the expected standard for reading

-            Children develop comprehension skills using VIPERS -vocabulary, inference, prediction, explain, retrieve and sequence / summarise


-            Children are listened to read, on a fortnightly basis

-            Lower 20% readers listened to, everyday

-            KS2 children read for twenty minutes, independently, four times a week

-            Children practise reading comprehension skills, weekly

-            Children are exposed to fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts, everyday

-            Adults model reading with expression, intonation, pausing to show punctuation and text structure

-            Children participate in Reading Blitz, every five weeks. All children read to their assigned adult.

-            Books are relevant, carefully book-banded and easy to access. 

-            Children from EYFS-year 2 have a phonics book that is aligned to their phonic level

-            Children from year 2-6 have a Zone of Proximal Development to select books that are of a suitable level

-            Once a term, each class enjoys a Reading Café, in the hall. Parents are invited to school to share a book with a biscuit and a cup of tea


-           Children are excited and enthused to talk about reading to other children, teachers parents, governors and visitors.

-            Children can confidently apply prior knowledge of phonics when decoding new words.

-            KS1 children achieve reading miles

-            KS2 children are achieving Accelerated Reader certificates, regularly

-            Statutory assessments in Year 2 and 6

-            Teachers collect standardised scores from NFER assessments in year 3,4 and 5

Reading cafe:
Every term, each class hosts a reading cafe for families. Everyone snuggles up with a book, a biscuit and a cup of tea!
Reading Blitz:
On Wednesdays, staff flock to a classroom to listen to every child in the class read. Over a five-week rota, each class has a turn. Staff love sharing books during Reading Blitz. We monitor the reading via ClassDojo.
Each year group has targeted questions for vocabulary, inference, prediction, explain, retrieval, summarise/sequence.
Reading progress:
Key Stage One:
KS1 receive Reading Mile certificates in celebration assemblies. Children earn one mile every time they read. Parents and staff record reading on ClassDojo.
Key Stage Two:
KS2 work towards Accelerated Reader certificates. Each certificate has criteria for the children to meet. Some certificates require children to read books at a certain book level and books must be worth a particular number of points. Please see our Accelerated Reader Certificate Progression poster for the criteria.
Word counts:
Word count certificates are a big deal at Kennall Vale School! The children work hard to build their word count, over the year. I wonder how many word millionaires we'll get, this year!
Reading with Rhubarb:
Rhubarb, our school dog, loves to listen to children reading and she is a brilliant motivating factor for children (even if she does fall asleep, sometimes!).