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Reading at Kennall Vale School

Classroom libraries:
We are so lucky that every classroom has its own library! The books are tailored to the children in the classroom and are regularly updated by our ELS boxes!
Throughout the corridors, we have special subject libraries. They are resourced with useful items for that subject, too. For example, the geography library has globes, atlases and compasses.
The school library holds lots of non-fiction books and is a lovely, calm space to enjoy a book.
Reading progress:
KS1 receive Reading Mile certificates in celebration assemblies. Children earn one mile every time they read.
KS2 work towards Accelerated Reader certificates. Each certificate has criteria for the children to meet - some certificates require children to read books at a certain book level and books must be worth a particular number of points.
Word count certificates are a big deal at Kennall Vale School! The children work hard to build their word count, over the year. I wonder how many word millionaires we'll get, this year!
Every term, each class hosts a reading cafe for families. Everyone snuggles up with a book, a biscuit and a cup of tea!
Reading Blitz:
On Wednesdays, staff flock to a classroom to listen to every child in the class read. Over a five-week rota, each class has a turn. Staff love sharing books during Reading Blitz. We monitor the reading via ClassDojo.
Reading with Rhubarb:
Rhubarb, our school dog, loves to listen to children reading and she is a brilliant motivating factor for children (even if she does fall asleep, sometimes!).