In Piskies, you will find our EYFS and half of Year 1 children taught by Mrs Goulbourn and Mrs Welch. In Piskies class, we teach a mixed EYFS/Year 1 curriculum. Teaching is targeted towards each year group, planned collaboratively with Cormoran Class. We deliver our learning through a balance of adult led and child-initiated activities, aiming to develop the children’s independence and make them intrinsically motivated to learn throughout their environment. We provide a fun and exciting curriculum that allows them to succeed as unique individuals and celebrate their achievements. We create a stimulating and challenging learning environment, both indoors and outdoors where children feel safe and secure and have the confidence to be independent learners. We fully immerse the children in learning through the use of stories, roleplay, trips, visitors, art activities, trips to Kennall Vale woods and many more. Children will finish their time in Piskies prepared for the Year 1 or Year 2 curriculum dependent on their year group.