Physical Education


At Kennall Vale School, we are committed to giving children the best possible start in life. Sport and physical exercise plays a huge role in child development. We aim to ensure all children have access to high quality PE teaching and sports coaching from EXFS to year 6. We aim to provide each child with access to a wide range of sporting opportunities and ensure they have the fundamental skills explicitly taught to give them the best start in their development. We use Real PE and Real Gym and staff are filly trained in delivering high quality PE sessions. We follow Real PE's child centered approach to ensure all children are appropriately challenged. At KVS we recognise the importance of not only physical health but also mental health. We promote good sportsmanship as well as a healthy desire to beat individual personal bests. This ties in with the values of Real PE in all areas. Our aim is to give every child the physical literacy, emotional strength and critical thinking skills in order to achieve in PE, sport and life in general.


Real PE offers an effective and efficient platform to teach PE. It ensures consistency throughout the school and gives confidence to all members of staff when delivering a session. Real PE is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. We follow the 6 key values that make up Real PE. Creative, cognitive, health and fitness, physical, social and personal all link to our school values and this transcend everything we do at Kennall Vale.

The Jasmine platform enables is to teach effectively, inside and outside, utilising our 3G outdoor training surface throughout the year. With  iPads we are able to deliver an even more personal and targeted session catering to each individual's personal goal and next steps. In KS1 we develop the key abilities that children need to be successful within PE and sport. Throughout this stage we offer games and semi-competitive team and solo challenges whilst modelling and encouraging a positive attitude and a growth mind-set. During KS2, while the fundamental skills continue to be developed, there is further emphasis on skills based games leading to conventional sports such as rounders, netball, football, hockey and athletics. Along with Plymouth Argyle coaches we bespoke a yearly plan that focuses on a sport each term that links the individual sessions together. This gives each child the opportunity to really get to grips with a sport and, with the help of professional coaches and local clubs, we can demonstrate the pathways to develop further in the given sport.


We use the Real PE Assessment Wheel to track progress across all year groups. Pupil conferencing shows 99% of pupils enjoy PE with nearly 80% taking up a sport of physically active after school club and others attending local sports clubs as well or instead. With enjoyment and passion from the staff we have built an ethos at the school that encourages trying your best in everything you do, working hard for each other an the team as well as striving to beat your own personal goals. This is evident in the attitude of our young sportsmen and sportswomen that compete on behalf of the school at local events.

At Kennall Vale we have an excellent track record in a wide variety of sports excelling in football, rugby, basketball and cycling in recent years.