Art and Design

At Kennall Vale, we aim to engage, inspire and challenge pupils through our Art and Design curriculum. Children will develop skills and confidence as they progress through Key stages, becoming proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques. Children will gain knowledge of great artists and explore the significance of Cornwall’s artists and the County’s contribution and legacy to art. Children will realise their artistic potential through wide and ongoing opportunities in Art and Design.
Kennall Vale’s Art and Design curriculum ensures that children progress in skills and knowledge year on year. Kennall Vale School is also proud to have a kiln room and this is used to maximise opportunities for children to explore sculpture and the process involved, starting with designing, through to making, firing and finishing their creations. At Kennall Vale, we value the impact Art and Design has on the emotional wellbeing of children. We promote creative activities within our art and design curriculum to support pupil wellbeing and give regular opportunity for children to express themselves.
Children at Kennall Vale will be able to demonstrate a broad range of artistic skills and reference artists who have influenced their work. Children will enjoy learning skills by ‘doing’ and understand that creativity is celebrated in many artistic forms. Children will enjoy experimentation and that the process of creating art is just as important and valued as the end product.