Music and Drama

At Kennall Vale School we believe music and drama are a huge part of supporting children's emotional health and wellbeing. We also see year on year how creative activities give children the tools to grow in confidence and discover unknown talents! 
Creative Performances
Every year, each class produces a Christmas performance. Families love watching the final performance in the build up to Christmas!
Over the years we have worked collaboratively with Penryn College, with children from Kennall Vale taking part in the CAPA programme. Children work together to create an amazing performance to share with families of all the children within the Penryn Partnership. 
Children from Kennall Vale have enjoyed taking part in Songfest - an annual musical ensemble showing off the talent of children from Primary age to students at university. The most recent performance took place at the Princess Pavilions in Falmouth!
Music Lessons
We have a whole range of music lessons on offer at Kennall Vale School. Children are taught Music weekly in all year groups, but for those who want to specialise in a particular instrument, there is the option to enroll in weekly music lessons.  We currently have children learning: brass, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, violin and drums!
More information about music lessons can be found here: https://asoneperform.com/page/asone-hub
First Access
Because we understand that not all children can take part in individual music lessons, we ensure that every child will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during their time at Kennall Vale. We do this through the First access programme: the school hire a class set of musical instruments and 12 weeks of lessons are delivered to a class, fully funded at no cost to the child! Recently, Year 3 and 4 have learned to play the cornet and mini-trumpet!