Zennor Home Learning

Hello Zennor Class!

I hope this is going to ease us all back into home learning! The next 3 days of English are simple tasks for the children to complete. The maths is tricky! There is no pressure but have a look at the maths video and see how you get on (next week gets easier, I promise).

For science, the children enjoy these videos and there are some questions to spark the children’s interest and imagination. You do not need to record anything for this!

Please remember to upload photos to Dojo, I can’t wait to see them!

Miss Fenton

English work:

6th January – Write about Christmas Holidays

2021 aspirations

8th January – Reading Comprehension for 2021

Handwriting Pack Digital


Spelling work:

These worksheets are linked to Spelling Shed games on the website. Normally, the children practise their spelling once a day (1st attempt, 2nd attempt etc.). There is one paper-based activity to support their spelling, too.

Blue group – Spelling Shed – List 13

Green group – Spelling Shed – List 13

pink group – Spelling Shed – List 13

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings


Maths work:

For answers, scroll to the bottom of the week’s planning.

3. Y4-Spring-Block-1-WO3-Factor-pairs-2019 – Wednesday 6th January

4. Y4-Spring-Block-1-WO4-Efficient-multiplication-2019

5. Y4-Spring-Block-1-WO5-Written-methods-2019



Class code: qli1389

Follow this link for a YouTube channel with lots of Read Aloud books.




The Explorify videos are great and come with activities that the children can choose, independently. There is not a school log in but it is free for families to subscribe to. You just need to enter an email address.

I have linked some animal based activities because our home based learning is based on the ocean, coasts and sea creatures.


Mindfulness and PE activities:


PE with Joe (starting Monday 11th January )

Just Dance for Kids videos on YouTube


5. ANSWERS-Written-methods-2019

3. ANSWERS -Factor-pairs-2019

4. ANSWERS-Efficient-multiplication-2019