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Science Intent, Implementation & Impact

  •  Science lessons will be sequenced in line with the National Curriculum ensuring that coverage is in line with year groups/mixed aged classes.
  •  Science is visible at KVS. Science is timetabled every week. Vocabulary is cleared displayed on working walls so children can use scientific language in their explanations and writing.
  •  Children are prepared for learning science at the next stage of education.
  •  Floor books demonstrate learning using photos and pupil voice so children can remember prior learning and contribute high quality science through drawing, writing, questions, dialogue and models. Technology will be utilised to capture scientific experiences.
  •  Resources are relevant, child-friendly and easy to access so children can play and investigate.  Resources enable science to be child-led. Teachers can use equipment that inspires and intrigues children.
  •  Science teaches children the why and the how of the world and beyond so that they understand the important role of science in our developing world. Children will regard science as an important vocation.


  •  Science is taught explicitly to ensure coverage across the school. Science topics can be linked to children’s interests and the class topic.
  •  Science will be taught for 1 hour per week in KS1.
  •  Science will be taught for 2 hours per week in KS2.
  •  All children will actively engage in science; playing, exploring and investigating with a hands on, child-led approach.
  •  Science lead has engaged with PSQM to create a progression of learning document.
  •  Books and websites will be used to spark scientific enquiry.
  •  Science will be primarily recorded in the floor books in a visual, child-friendly format. Floor books will be sequenced so children can clearly identify topics and progression of skills and knowledge.
  •  Staff will receive science CPD to support teaching and learning.
  •  Working scientifically skills will be modelled to children to ensure that children are safely and effectively accessing learning.
  •  Kennall Vale maintains strong links with Penryn College—use of facilities, resource boxes, staff CPD, partnership meetings
  •  Kennall Vale has a link with local university to engage in science projects and present work at university event.


  •  Children are excited and enthused to talk about science to other children, teachers parents, governors and visitors.
  •  Science knowledge and skills are evidenced in floor books as a sequenced narrative of children’s learning.
  •  Floor books are regularly revisited to support memory of knowledge and skills.
  •  Children can confidently apply prior knowledge in their science lesson and wider curriculum.
  •  Children’s scientific language is recorded in floor books and in videos on ClassDojo.
  •  Children participate in quizzes to assess their knowledge.
  •  Children are keen to be part of extra-curricular science.
  •  Children can confidently use science resources.