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Zennor Class

Zennor Class is a mixed aged class with year four and five. Our teacher is Miss Fenton and our teaching assistants are Mrs Wells and Mrs McLoughlin. We like to work in a calm and quiet environment and have a special focus on kindness.  As a class, we are always trying to work towards the Kennall Vale values.


Every day we have our morning carousel and focus on handwriting, spelling, reading, SPaG and comprehension.  We use continuous cursive handwriting and we love using 2A (two adjective) sentences as much as we can! In Zennor Class, our teachers encourage us to develop a love of language, which feeds our imagination and opens our eyes to the exciting world that we live in!


In Zennor Class, we understand the importance of reading. We learn new vocabulary and spelling through our reading and become engrossed in new worlds, different cultures and learn about how our world works. Every morning we have an independent reading session and in the afternoon, we love to listen to our class novel. Once a week, we enjoy Book Study when we practise VIPERS questions and discuss the text. Accelerated Reader is our most used website in Zennor Class! We love to work towards targets and earn reading certificates. To become a Word Millionaire is a real achievement – we can tell you all about it!


In class, we use Spelling Shed to practise our spelling. We love to learn new words and add it to our vocabulary displays.

The National Curriculum identifies the sounds pupils should recognise and use in their spelling at different stages of their development. A list of words that pupils should be able to spell correctly in their writing can be found here:

Spelling Appendix years 3 and 4 from NC 2014.

Spelling Appendix years 5 and 6 from NC 2014


At Kennall Vale, the mastery approach for maths allows children to learn in small steps, using hands-on resources. Every day, we practise arithmetic for 10 minutes focussing on column addition, column subtraction, column multiplication and bus stop division. In Zennor Class, times tables are a focus and we absolutely love Times Tables Rock Stars!

Afternoon learning:

Our topic lessons are immersive, utilising community links to support our learning. We use floor books to present our learning and show off our vocabulary. We loved to evidence our learning using photos and PicCollages made on our iPads.

We are lucky to have Mr Chinn who teaches us PE and we have a weekly music lesson from Mrs Childs, too.

Autumn 1: Off With Her Head

Autumn 2: Time Traveller

Spring 1: Beast Creator

Spring 2: Allotment

Summer 1: Firedamp and Davy Lamps

Summer 2: Stargazers


In Zennor Class, we are expected to read each day. To access online books, we have free use of Epic reading for 2 hours a week. Each week, we have ten spellings to learn – we can practise on SpellingShed but we like doing paper games, too.  To support our arithmetic, we can practise Times Table Rockstars at home as well as use our Maths Shed and Spelling Shed accounts.


Autumn 1 – Off With Her Head Homework Grid

Autumn 2 – Time Traveller Homework Grid

Spring 1 – Beast Creator Homework Grid

Template for Top Trump homework


Home learning – January 2022

Hello Zennor Class!


It would be lovely to practise your reading, spelling and times tables as much as possible! There are paper resources and web resources, too.

  • For reading, you can use . If you have a library card, download BorrowBox! It’s great – there are hours of audiobooks and ebooks for free.
  • For spelling, children can log into their Spelling Shed accounts to play games that will support their learning.
  • For times tables, children can use TTRS and Children can practise times tables in any way that suits them – chanting them by rote, writing them or doing the macarena!

Below, there are learning opportunities for you to have a go at! Please message me if you have any questions or you get stuck!

Please remember to upload photos to Dojo, I can’t wait to see them!


Each list is dated. Children could practise their spelling lists, every day. Also, they can complete the weekly activity sheet to reinforce their spellings. If you are unsure about your child’s colour/group – send me a message!

 Blue group spellings- List 16-22

 Green group spellings – List 16-22

Pink group spellings – List 16-22

Purple group spellings – List 16-22


Handwriting Pack Digital

Reading comprehension:

Can you have a go at answering the questions? Make sure that you write in full sentences!

If you get onto the VIPERS questions – well done! You are going above and beyond with your learning!

2. Life Cycle of an Amphibian Stage 5

3. Life Cycle Comparisons Stage 5 Comp

4. Types of Rainforest Stage 5 comp


1. Features of an information text

2. Research insects for our own information text

3. Can you make a PowerPoint all about mosquitos? Can you make it as informative as possible? It should take you a while! We are taking 3 lessons to create our PowerPoint/book!

Instead, you could follow the video (scroll down) to make an exploding book! It’s a challenge but the final product makes you feel very proud!

Extra English activities, if you need them!

4. English workout 2

5. English workout 3


1. Measurement – Objects in the room

2. This PowerPoint will support your learning for 2. Kilometres!

2. Measurement – Kilometres

3. This PowerPoint will support your learning for 3. Measuring perimeter

3. Measurement – Perimeter 1

4. This PowerPoint will support your learning for . Perimeter on a grid

4. Measurement – Perimeter 2

5. This PowerPoint will support your learning for 5. Perimeter of a rectangle

5. Measurement – Perimeter 3