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On the 21st March 2018, Kennall Vale celebrated Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day.

The whole school wore odd, funny, stripy unusual socks to show that people with Down’s Syndrome are different yet amazing! At 10:15, Miss Stevens presented a special assembly. She talked about what Down’s Syndrome is and how people with the syndrome have 1 more chromosome than us and that is chromosome 21. She then showed us a video of families using  Makaton to sing “1000 years “by Christina Perri. Click here to see the video!

By Harry Taylor (Year 5)



On the 8th of March 2018, the whole school dressed up as a character from a book to celebrate World Book Day.  One child dressed up as a MAD HATTER! Mrs Welch dressed up as the Witch from the Room on the Broom book by Julia Donaldson, Miss Powell and Miss Basely both dressed up as Mr and Mrs Twit from The Twits, Mr Chirgwin dressed up as Harry Potter, Miss Rogers dressed up as Where’s Wolly and Mr German was dressed up as The Banana in Pyjamas.

This was postponed due to Adverse weather and snow, this caused Kennall Vale school to be closed for a 3 day period.

Piskie class did book reviews for the character they dressed up as and designed book covers for there favourite author. Cormoran class talked about there favourite author. Morgawar did a special book scavenger hunt! Bedruthan made word searches themed to book characters  and did an interview for who they dressed up as.

By Harry Taylor (Year 5)