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Morgawr Class

Morgawr is a Year 2  class taught by Miss Rogers. We also have Miss Basely who is training to be a teacher with us. In Morgawr class we learn through a topic based approach which allows us to become fully immersed in our learning.

Our English work closely relates to our half-termly topic; we familiarise ourselves with a text type and then plan and create our own versions. We have a weekly spelling pattern which is taught on Fridays and then practiced throughout the following week. In maths we learn through a mastery approach, which allows us to develop a deep understanding of methods and gives us the opportunity to reason and problem solve.

We love to be outdoors and get hands on with our learning; whether that be through maths investigations, practical science experiments or drama based role-play. In our class we always support and encourage each other as we know that everyone is unique and we each have our own strengths to be proud of. Our classroom is bright and bursting with evidence of our work and learning opportunities; we would love to show it off!

Homework: In addition to daily reading, we each have an Active Learn login, through which we are allocated fun and enriching maths and SPAG games linked to our learning in class.

Morgawr and Cormoran visit the woods!