Morgawr Home Learning Thursday 7th January


Mr Robinson/Mrs Fiddler’s groups Phonics

Mrs Moore’s Phonics group

Year 3 Spelling Shed written activity



Watch the film again. Whilst you are watching, think about how the girl is feeling throughout the story.

Write down how the girl is feeling at different points in the story, how you know and why she may be feeling this way. Try to write in full sentences just like the example. You do not have to do EVERY time listed, you could just choose a couple. Remember to use capital letters, full stops, accurate spelling and conjunctions.

Challenge: Use an online thesaurus to uplevel some of your feeling/emotion words – eg. sad.



Year 2 – Scroll down to Summer Term, Week 10, Lesson 1.

Measure mass in grams worksheet

2 Measure mass in grams answers 2

Year 3 – Scroll down to Summer Term, Week 11, Lesson 1 – this lesson carries on from yesterday’s work so it may help to rewatch the video!

2 Measure mass 2 worksheet

2 Measure mass 2 answers


Afternoon work

Choose a Cosmic Kids yoga session to follow.

Choose a Draw with Rob of your choice – please send me your pictures!