Morgawr Home Learning Friday 8th January


Mr Robinson/Mrs Fiddler’s phonics groups

Mrs Moore’s phonics group

Year 3’s – SpellingShed Hive at 9.05 – I will post the Hive code on Dojo tomorrow! Fingers crossed it works!


Today we are going to be reading an example of a diary entry from the girl – finding features, thinking about key words and phrases. On Monday you will be writing your own diary entry from the point of view of the girl.

  • Read the text below – are there any unfamiliar words? Look up their meaning!
  • Can you find the key features of a diary
    1.  First person – I, me, my, us, we
    2. ‘Dear diary’
    3. Emotion/feeling words or phrases
    4. Past tense words – was, words ending in -ed

*You do not need to upload any written work for this task but the children could send me a message with any words and meanings they looked up. Equally, if there was anything they struggled with finding they can let me know!


Year 2 – Scroll down to Summer Term, Week 10, Lesson 2

3 Measure mass in kilograms worksheet

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Year 3 – Scroll down to Summer Term, Week 11, Lesson 2

3 Compare mass worksheet

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Science – Find out more about metals! What is a metal? Can you list some metals? You could make a fact file or poster with fact bubbles and pictures!

These websites are helpful –