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3. Morgawr

Hi families, I hope you are all keeping well and we are looking forward to having you back in school very soon! Here is some work, linked to our learning in school, that can be keeping you busy whilst you are at home. Please only complete the work if you are feeling up to it and please send any pictures across on Dojo, or bring your work in when you return to school, so I can see what you have been up to! Any questions, please send me a message 🙂



  • Reading – Read books at home or use Epic (Student login – sng4088 for those in my class last year, pev6332 for those who were in Mr Robinson’s class last year) . Remember to check to see if your books are quizzable on AR – Welcome to Renaissance Place (
  • Spelling practice using Spelling Shed
  • Maths – times table practice using Times Table Rockstars and number practice using Numbots

If you need any logins for these apps, please get in touch!


Weekly work: Complete at your own pace!

English – We have been studying the picture book ‘Flotsam’. Here is an online version – FLOTSAM – ENGLISH : DAVID WIESNER

  • Chose one of the surreal pictures (of the fantasy underwater worlds) – Write a story about what you can see – remember to use lots of description and to build drama and tension!
  • Find out about plastic pollution. Create a written report, poster or a Powerpoint answering these questions – How much plastic ends up in our oceans? How does plastic pollution affect wildlife? How can we help to reduce plastic pollution?
  • Write some words to go along with the picture book – there are no right or wrong answers, everyone will interpret it differently!
  • Write a book review for Flotsam using this template – Book review template

Maths – Division. Using White Rose videos and worksheets.

Geography – Features of a river

Find out about the journey of a river and learn the names of its features: Rivers – BBC Teach

Draw a colourful diagram of a river, adding labels to show: source, tributaries, main river, riverbanks, flood plains, mouth, delta.

Follow the journey of the River Kennall, from its source at Stithians Reservoir to its mouth, using OS Maps online: OS Maps: online mapping and walking, running and cycling routes (

Art – Exploring paint brush techniques

Using this painting by David Hockney as inspiration, have a go at using a paintbrush to create different effects. What happens if you use a dry brush? If you have different size paintbrushes at home, see how you can use them to create different effects. What happens if you dab the paintbrush?

Computing – Research project

Chose a river from around the world – The Nile, The Amazon, The Ganges, The Mississippi. Create a PowerPoint with lots of pictures, maps and information. Can you answer these questions – What countries does it run through? Where is its source? Where is its mouth? How long is the river? What wildlife lives there? What is the river used for?

Reading comprehension

Rivers of The World – Comprehension Pack