Bedruthan Home Learning Week 8

Weekly Planning Week 8

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This should be our final week of home learning. Thank goodness! You’ve been amazing and thank you for your wonderful work.

Please watch my video on Dojo to find out about the work for this week. As its our final week of home learning the maths for this week will be slightly different and will be recap activities. This will also allow us to start a new focus in maths all together when we return to school on the 8th.

Don’t forget we’ll expect to see your posts, videos and work on Dojo daily. One last week, lets do this!


Helpful documents: 

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For some great content and range of online activities and lessons this week.




This week’s additional reading comprehension and grammar focus:

To whoever finds this stage 5 comp – VIPERS comprehension 


English Monday 1 March

English Tuesday 2 March

English Wednesday 3 March

English Thursday 4 March

English Thursday Answers (answers for the comprehension questions)

English Friday 5 March



Maths Monday

Maths Tuesday

Maths Wednesday

Maths Thursday

Maths Friday

Maths answers:

The answers for this week’s maths are at the end of the PDF booklet for each day. No peeking until you’ve completed the maths for that day please! 😊