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Reading Miles

The Reading miles scheme has been running successfully at Kennall Vale School, for over seven years. The scheme was originally launched to improve pupils’ reading levels and to engage our parents to support their children’s learning more effectively. Reading Miles is a simple concept: to award a certificate to pupils who regularly read with their families. The impact has been fantastic. Almost all children read at home regularly and go on to achieve certificates. The scheme appeals to all ages, and all abilities, and hence all benefit!

An annual record of achievement is kept centrally, and staff can therefore keep an eye on every individual and make sure that no child “slips through the net,” and additional reading opportunities are organised. Another activity that is enjoyable and has a good impact on reading progress, is a weekly “Reading Blitz.” Each class is taken in turn, and all available adults, listen to individuals read. It’s a great opportunity for staff to hear readers from a less familiar year group, and the children enjoy reading to staff from a different class.

We have a range of certificates which are renewed each year, to celebrate families having read together at home, starting from 25 times to an incredible 250 times in one academic year! We have a ‘Helpful hints for reading at home’ leaflet to explain expectations and give tips and suggestions to make the sharing of books a happy and positive experience. .

The children are proud of the certificates presented during assembly and parents like the acknowledgement for their support at home. Teachers like the scheme because there is a consistently high level of reading at home, with beneficial effects on reading levels throughout school. Over the last two years, 100% of year 6 pupils gained level 4+ in reading, and we attribute this achievement to a high profile for reading, both at school and at home.

We believe that becoming a successful reader opens all the doors to future learning. Teaching children to read is one of the most important aspect of our primary curriculum, and learning to read is a fundamental skill for children to develop. Our recognition for reading at home not only rewards the child, but also acknowledges the tremendous support from parents and other adults at home. If we believe that learning can be supported in partnership with parents, if we believe that learning is a lifelong process and not confined to school days, and if we believe that reading success is a vital life skill, then we need to explore every avenue to make the important things happen. And nothing is more important than learning to read!