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Zennor Class

Zennor Class

Zennor Class is a mixed aged class with year 4 and 5. Our teacher is Miss Fenton and our teaching assistants are Miss Baseley and Miss Whatley. We like to work in a calm and quiet environment and have a special focus on kindness.  In Zennor Class, we are always trying to work towards the Kennall Vale values.


Every day we have our morning carousel and focus on handwriting, spelling, reading, SPaG and comprehension.  We mostly learn as a whole class but sometimes we work in our year groups, we are fantastic at working independently.


The National Curriculum identifies the sounds pupils should recognise and use in their spelling at different stages of their development. A list of words that pupils should be able to spell correctly in their writing, by the end of Lower Key Stage 2 and the end of Upper Key Stage 2. These documents can be found here: Spelling Appendix years 3 and 4 from NC 2014   Spelling Appendix years 5 and 6 from NC 2014.


At Kennall Vale, the mastery approach for maths allows children to learn in small steps and using hands-on resources. We have introduced 10-minute maths at the beginning of each lesson to practise arithmetic. In Zennor Class, times tables are a focus


Our topic lessons are immersive, utilising community links to support our learning. We are lucky to have Mr. Chin to teach us PE and we have a weekly music lesson from Mrs. Crow, too.


In Zennor Class, we are expected to read each day, we use Accelerated Reader. We complete weekly homework on Abacus and MyMaths.