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Morgawr Class

Morgawr Class is a Year 3 and 4 class and our teacher is Miss Rogers who is assisted by Miss Baseley, Miss Whatley and Miss Stevens. In Morgawr Class, we love lots of different approaches to learning. In literacy we do lots of role-play and storytelling to absorb us in the content we are learning about. We try to get the most out of our fantastic school grounds in numeracy by getting hands on to test ideas and apply mathematics. We believe that communication with others is a really important skill in life so we enjoy our weekly circle time and recently, we have begun ‘philosophy for children’ which really stretches our minds and how we approach everyday situations. One of our favourite things to do in Morgawr Class is to visit Kennall Vale woods. We take part in Forest School sessions throughout the year, which progress towards the year’s highlight of a one night residential stay in Camp Kernow. Morgawr Class has a really vibrant atmosphere where we all love to learn and share each other’s ideas and opinions. Why not come and have a look yourself? We’d love to show you around!

Spellings The National Curriculum identifies the sounds pupils should recognise and use in their spelling at different stages of their development. A list of words that pupils should be able to spell correctly in their writing, by the end of Lower Key Stage 2  is also included at the end of the documents. This section of the document can be found here: Spelling Appendix years 3 and 4 from NC 2014

Letter to Parents: