Morgawr Home Learning Wednesday 6th January

  •  Year 2 Phonics

Mr Robinson/Mrs Fiddler’s group

Mrs Moore’s group

  • Year 3 – Spelling Shed practice


  • Handwriting words

  • English – Making predictions! DO NOT WATCH THE FILM  THE WHOLE WAY THROUGTHT YET!

Questions to discuss:

  1. What do you think this story will be about from it’s title? Who is the girl? What does the robot do?
  2. Watch the film until 55 seconds. Who is the girl? Why is she there? What is her job?
  3.  Watch the film and pause at 3.08.  What do you think is going to happen next?

Written response:

  1.  Watch the film to the end. What do you think happened in the time before the girl woke up? Try to expand your ideas and write a few sentences. Can you use a conjunction: because, so, but?

  • Maths

Year 2 –

Scroll down to Summer Term, Week 9, Lesson 4

1 Compare mass worksheet

1 Compare mass answers

Year 3  –

Scroll down to Summer Term, Week  11, Lesson 1

1 Measure mass 1 worksheet

1 Measure mass 1 answers


  • Topic

Design a Robot!

What would your perfect robot look like? What special features would it have? Would it have any magical powers? How does it move?

Draw, colour and label your robot! Use images from the internet to help inspire you!