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1. Piskies

Hello Piskies

Firstly if you are reading this you will be at home, I hope you don’t feel too poorly and look forward to seeing you soon.

Remember to make sure you are looking after yourselves and getting better and when you are ready please find below Piskies home learning.

Please practise your reading daily and phonics as much as possible!

If you have any questions please contact me at school on Tapestry, Dojo, by email or on the phone.




YR- This week we are learning the new digraphs qu and ch. Watch Mr Thorne does phonics with these 2 sounds as well, the children love to watch Geraldine the Giraffe find the sounds.


.Level 3 Week 2 Lesson 3 PowerPoint


Level 3 Week 2 Lesson 4 PowerPoint



Y1- Recap phase 5 sounds




YR Alive in 5 sessions 6-10 video’s home learning activities and powerpoint to work through in line with the lessons being taught in the classroom. Any problems please get in touch.

Y1- 2D shape activities




This week we are thinking about the Piskies that live at Kennall Vale school. Children can design their own Piskie house and have a go at writing labels or a sentence about their designs. Remind the children to sound out the words and use their phonics to help them.

The children could also have a go at exploring what would make a good house using different resources. Ask what makes a good house e.g it needs to be strong and keep you warm and dry.

– Who lives in the woods?

Display the Animal picture cards Challenge the children to name any familiar animals. Ask ‘Which animals live in the woodland?’ Invite the children to share their thoughts, sort animals into two groups: woodland animals or not woodland animals.

_animal_picture_cards 2017-nuts_dev_labels



Any problems at all please get in touch.


Mrs Zorab