Cormoran Home Learning 7th January

Day 2 – 7th January 2021

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Phonics day 2

Year 1 maths:

Go to the bottom and click ‘week 1’ it should be called –

Lesson 2 – Measure mass

Y1 maths measure mass

Y1 maths measure mass answers

Year 2 maths:

Go to –

Summer Term – Week 10 (w/c 29th June) Lesson 2 measure mass in Kilograms

Y2 maths measure mass in kilograms

Y2 maths measure mass in kilograms answers

Afternoon work:

This afternoon I would like you to design your very own Pirate flag! Look at the flags you saw yesterday (when you looked at countries that you have visited) remember it has to be bold and ‘pirate like’! That said you are free to include things that are important to you which will make your flag unique to you! (So I fully expect a ring tailed lima on Ori’s for example!)

Have a lovely day everyone and remember to post pictures of what you have done to your portfolio!