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Bedruthan, each week I will post the weekly work to this post. Mainly due to the fact Dojo only allows one single upload at a time.

We will still continue to use Dojo for some videos and posts and we’ll expect to see your posts, videos and work on Dojo daily.

Each afternoon the learning plan will be the same and below you find the resources for this. Each week the focus continent will change. The weekly planning for home learning and afternoon topic is below.

Topic for the week  (Europe)

Weekly planning for home learning

Login information

Afternoon Topic

Fact file document

Famous person biography

Paper dolls

Top Trumps cards templates


For some great content and range of online activities and lessons this week.



This week I have included an additional reading comprehension.

Jin Dragonborne Stage 5 Comp – Comprehension Pack


English Monday 25th

English Tuesday 26th

English Wednesday 27th

English Thursday 28th

English Friday 29th



Monday Maths

Tuesday maths

Wednesday Maths

Thursday maths

Friday maths


Maths answers:

Monday maths answers

Tuesday maths answers

Wednesday Maths answers

Thursday maths answers

Friday maths answers