Accelerated Reader

 You must use this exact URL because it is unique to Kennall Vale School.

Please ask your teacher if you need your username and password details!

Keep Track Poster:

AR Certificate Poster 2021

I understand that the Accelerated Reader website is tricky to monitor certificates! I use this idea in Zennor Class to keep track. I have dated each certificate and this helps calculate the points required for the next certificate.

It’s important that the criteria is met for each certificate.



For example, Rising Reader certificates can only be achieved if the children read three separate books and the books are Book Level 1.6 or higher (green books). For each Rising Reader certificate, the child must achieve 10 points through their quizzes.

5/5 questions = 100% of correct questions = full amount of points. Eg. 0.5

4/5 questions = 80% of correct questions = 80% of points Eg. 0.4

3/5 questions = 60% of correct questions = 60% of points Eg. 0.3


As the children move through the book levels, they may find that their quizzes have 10 questions in total! Some Harry Potter books have twenty questions!

Book Information and Abbreviations:

Inside most books, the book information will be shown (see image below). If not, please search the book details on this website:

  • The Quiz No is a shortcut for children to find their quiz on the Accelerated Reader website
  • B.L: means Book Level – KVS links these to colours
  • ‘Points’ are awarded when a child passes the quiz and are added together for certificates


AR Book Colours:

At school, your child will have completed a STAR test to give them their Book Level and colours. Please Dojo teachers if you need help with this. This colour chart links to the sticker on the spine of each reading book. For their school reading book, we encourage children to stick to their colour band.